Serious about IPM'24?
Aspiring to be a single-digit ranker?

Apply to be trained by us.

Serious about IPM'24?
Aspiring to be a single-digit ranker?

Apply to be trained by us.

Who should apply?

These meta-skills make you unbeatable once you have acquired them; however, they take time and serious dedication to hone.

Which is why we will only take a batch for IPM’24 (not for IPM’23), because we believe you will take at least one full year to develop yourself using our meta-approach. Other than time, we will require all of your dedication: if you are hedging your bets, or putting your feet in multiple boats (NEET, JEE etc.), then please do not approach us. We will only be taking on students who are serious about a management career and the IPM exam.

If you are serious about IPM and would like to work towards a single digit rank, apply to us be included for our IPM’24 batch, commencing in August 2023. Post your application, we will have a short Zoom call where we assess your potential. During the Zoom call, you may also ask us any questions that you might have. If we select you, you may pay our fees within seven days to join our program.


The fees of this coaching program, lasting for a year, will be Rs 90,000. You will need to commit to 200+ classroom hours over Zoom, for 3 evenings a week (alternate days), for about one and a half hours per evening. In addition, you will need to commit to an equivalent number of hours beyond these classroom hours working on our ‘homework’ in the areas of building foundational skills.

You may note that our fees are higher than most other coaching programs. But we are not in the business of offering you 100 mock tests @Rs99 apiece or giving you piecemeal advice for interviews for a small fee. We offer a transformative approach, using which a serious candidate can walk into an IIM with a top-rank.

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